Gui Xian’s Spouse Is Extremely Satisfied With Floatation

On our earlier post, Gui Xian is our loyal customer, who had managed her blood sugar very well with our ZZT meridian health service.

As they are both still working adults, they are constantly prone to stressful working enviornment. Gui Xian is a nurse manager, while her spouse is a physiotherapist.

After our nutritionist talked to them about the health benefits of floatation, they had decided to try a few sessions of our FloatMe – Magnesium Floatation Therapy.

Today is the 3rd session with us, as Gui Xian noticed a lot of difference in his spouse, especially his skin condition.

Here is the testimonial video, explaining on the noticable health benefits on her spouse, after their 3rd session of FloatMe Therapy.

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