Stress Management is Easy, With This HydroTherapy In Singapore

Stress management is a must in today’s modern society.

According to Wikipedia, stress management is by deploying various techniques and skills to control stress.

Stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Little amount of it can be beneficial or even healthy. But an excess of it causes harm to the body.

Most people who are facing chronic illness are the result of prolonged to fatigue and stress.

I-Beauty Medispa had brought in FloatME – Magnesium Floatation Therapy, which has many beneficial health properties, apart from just managing stress.

What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation therapy which is also known as sensory deprivation therapy, is invented by Dr. John C. Lilly.

It is by immersing yourself into saturated mineral salt that is similar to your body temperature, creating a weightlessness effect, similarly to floating in space.

He had initially used this as an experimentation on the mental and physical effects of weightlessness, which lead to the discovery of stress management, with many mental and physical health benefits.

Apart From Stress Management, It Has Many Other Health Benefits

Dr Mercola highlighted that there are 11 health benefits of using Floatation, in which one of them is stress management.

According to International Journal of Stress Management, it was concluded that floatation is an effective method for the treatment of stress-related pain.

There was also another scientific study in 2014, illustrating that sensory deprivation treatment in a floatation tank or floatation therapy, “has beneficial effects on relatively healthy participants” and can be enjoyed, as a preventive health care by lowering depression and anxiety.

I-Beauty Medispa had brought in FloatMe – Magnesium Floatation Therapy, which has many beneficial health and beauty properties, apart from stress management.


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