Cholesterol Improved, Thanks to I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Program

Cholesterol Testimonial

Augustina has a history of high cholesterol and has been on prescriptive medicine for the last 10 years. Despite that, her cholesterol (especially LDL) remained high.

Within a month of Metabolite Wellness programme and consumption of our Vital Youth tea, she was very pleasantly surprised to find that her total cholesterol, especially the LDL has dropped by almost 50%. Even her doctor was amazed.

She wants to thank I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd for not only helping her shed excess weight and body fat but more importantly, helping her reduce her visceral fats and improve her health.

No more fad diets, pills, superficial water loss. With Metabolite Wellness Programme, we help you to regain your youthful figure and your health & vitality.

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