Siti Loses Weight within 1 Month Thanks to I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Program

Siti, a mother of two with a busy lifestyle, struggled with her weight until she found I-Beauty Medispa’s Metabolite Wellness Program.

After trying various diets and treatments, she was impressed by our program’s focus on metabolic and hormonal imbalances without water loss methods. In one month, she lost 4.9kg!

Feeling lighter and healthier, Siti recommends the program to others struggling with weight.

Here is what she said:

“I have been struggling with my weight since having 2 kids.

A busy work schedule and sedentary lifestyle does not help. I have tried various diets and slimming treatments. But they either do not work , or  the weight loss is very temporary (I believe its more water loss)

Until I chanced upon I-Beauty Medispa’s FB ad on their Metabolite Wellness Program.  After the initial consultation and trial session, I took up the 10kg loss program. Because the resident weight management consultant hit the nail on the head. She told me 70% of female weight gain is due to metabolic and hormonal imbalances (largely caused by improper dieting, childbirth, pre/post menopause).

And the treatment focuses exactly on these issues. And i like the fact that the treatment does not involve water loss methods like saunas and wraps/invasive machines/ electrotherapy.

In about 1 month, I have lost almost 5kgs and 5% of body fat. My double chin is gone. I had lost at least 3 inches off my tummy and I could fit into my favourite skinny jeans.

I feel so much lighter, healthier and energized!

So, I would like to give a shout-out to all the ladies who are still struggling with their weight, to come and give Metabolite Wellness Program a try. It has literally changed my life.”

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