Hazel Teo is the branch director of I-Beauty Medispa. Her expertise lies in weight management and maintaining beauty.

As the video above, Hazel demonstrates the consultation process of our Award Winning I-Beauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Program. 

She emphasize the approach towards optimizing metabolic related meridian health, that leads to excellent weight management.

As her family specializes in meridian health and healing, she had contributed to many innovative and effective weight and beauty managing services, that does not require any invasive therapies.

Her belief towards weight management, is that we do not require an intensive strict diet, fasting or vigorous exercise.

Our Principle is to Lose Fat, Not Water.

Our promise to you, is that we will NOT utilize conventional methods, that makes you lose water weight, instead of fat.

Instead, we optimize your basal metabolic weight with meridian system management. This will assure your constant losing of fat 24 hours after our session, even when you are sleeping.

You will also discover that these slimming services also brings additional health benefits.

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