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I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd Has Over 40 Years Of Experience In Bringing Health And Beauty To All Walks Of Life.


Our Forte Lies In Weight Management, Nutrition Consultation, Health Enhancement Therapies, Anti-Aging And Facial Contouring Treatments.


We Consistently Deliver Results And Provide Total Customer Satisfaction.We Have Transformed The Lives Of Thousands By Providing Them With Sustainable Solutions For Their Weight/Wellness/Beauty/Skin Problems.


As Featured In Lianhe Wanbao & Shin Min Ribao, We Are Also Proud To Announce The Launch Of Our Total Mind & Body Wellness Programme: “FloatMe – Magnesium Floatation Therapy”.


Combining The Immense Health/Beauty Benefits Of Magnesium Salt With The Mental Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation, We Are Excited To See How It Will Transform The Wellness And Beauty Scene Here.

We will always be at our best of service to make you feel and look good. If you are not satisfied in the aspect of personal beauty or health, we will provide utilize our high quality services and products to meet your satisfaction.

I-Beauty Medispa specializes on 3 types of therapy, namely Health, Beauty & Slimming.

All Our Therapies Are Highly Customized To Offer Fast, Effective, Guaranteed And Sustainable Results To All Our Customers.

I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Program

I-Beauty Medispa Beauty Insider Awards Slimming

Ever since we had won the LiveWell Awards during 2013, we had consistently been noticed by the press. We had sincerely won the hearts of many, who aspires to be slim and beautiful.

In 2019, we had won the Beauty Insider Awards 2019, as the Best Fat Reduction Treatment in Singapore

We also have many celebrities and artistes that come to us, for our award winning services and similarly, also see satisfactory results after our sessions.

In summary, we cater “guaranteed” weight loss service, as we are extremely confident to attain the desirable weight that you want to achieve or otherwise, the additional services that we provide will be complimentary from us.

Click here to learn more, on our suite of slimming services.

Many individuals have been extremely satisfied with I-Beauty Medispa’s services, be it for slimming, health, beauty or floatation. We had inspired most of them, with many noticeable, desirable results.

With our analysis and diagnostics, feel and observe the difference it brings to you. As we deliver, we ensure that all our services we provide are assured in the sense, that it gives you a before and after validation, and also noticeable quality and results.

We had recently became the Singapore master authorized retailer of ZZT services, which we believe will benefit and outreach more people’s health, throughout Singapore.

For individuals who choose not to invest in time and money every month on beauty and wellness industries for maintenance, yet to have quality results, I-Beauty Medispa utilizes on a more cost effective, “Do it yourself” approach through using ZZT therapy, with different ways of utilizing it, it is able to integrate with other beauty serums, health and mineral supplements to amplify better results.

Please take a look at ZZT website at https://zzthealth.com.


I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd is also often featured on many websites and the local press.

We had already transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, from the youngest of age, till the oldest of all.

Come and witness it for yourself.

As our forte lies within meridian health management, our expertise lies in managing stress related lifestyle symptoms, which are the root causes of all major chronic illnesses.

Furthermore, we do not use any forms or medications, herbs, accupuncture, supplements or any other invasive techniques to help you through this process. Therefore, ensuring a more gentle and safer process, as we bring you towards good health.


Tested, Proven and Practiced, By Imperial TCM Physicians 5,000 Years Ago

Based on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), the cause of all negative distress or disease, origins from a disruption of the body’s energy system.


Such pathways, or meridians, must be unblocked and aligned, in order for healing to happen.

This lost ancient methodology was used and kept as a secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago. 

This Esoteric Scripture was documented for five millenniums, in which many imperial physicians conducted a long collaborative, intensive study on the difference of diagnosis and treatment, between the physical lifestyle of the imperial royal families, and the commoners.

Fortunately, the chapter on meridian and health management was eventually recovered and practiced in many aspects of I-Beauty Medispa services.


Modern People Are Like Ancient Emperors

In our modern society, we had discovered many similar lifestyle habits of our emperors and our modern day people.

Therefore, we had witnessed it’s efficiency upon application of this meridian therapy to modern day people.

Most of our services utilizes meridian healing therapies. Do expect to be also treated like an emperor, when you use any of our services.

We have 40 years of meridian healing experience. Since then, we had received countless of testimonials and compliments from all walks of life, ever since I-Beauty Medispa had began practicing meridian healing.


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Business Hours: Monday – Saturday (11.00am – 8.00pm)



Stages of Hair Loss

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