Stages of Hair Loss


As stated on our earlier article, “what causes hair loss”, some can have hair loss as early as after puberty. Statistic shows that one-fifth of the general population will have significant hair loss when they reach the age of 20, and due to stress in our modern age, this percentage grows higher. The rate of hair fallage increases progressively with age: 30 percent of people will experience it of their 30s, 40 percentage in 40s, and so on.

Symptoms of slow but gradual hair loss are only observable when nearly half of all the hair on the head had already disappeared. Thus, the only apparent signs and symptoms are thinning of hair on the temples and hairline areas. In short, hair loss is a continual, progressive condition that gets worse through the years, if the condition is left untreated.

Our technique towards hair loss

Hair loss that comes with the advancing of age particularly after 20s. On contrary to the eco-system within the body, our body ages and become frail over time, resulting gradual lack of blood and kidney ‘“chi”’ and life essence. if treatment is done early enough to nourish the blood and kidney ‘“chi”’, this hair loss can be managed, reduced and delayed.

Conversely, healthful hair displays healthy ‘“chi”’ of the liver, spleen and kidneys. That means simply just by looking at a person’s hair, TCM or eastern wellness practitioner can get a brief overview of the person’s state health. Dry and brittle hair, for example, would possibly indicate a ‘yin’ deficiency or ‘heatyness’ in the blood, while hair also increase in awkward areas, such as the chin, would possibly suggest that blood “chi” is stagnant and isn’t flowing properly.

As stated by Mary Tan in one of her ZZT Health videos, “the kidneys’ “chi” governs the essence of the body’s overall health. This includes the strengthening of hair follicles. Weakened kidney “chi” and a loss of overall health and vitality may also causes greying and hair loss.”

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