What Causes Hair Loss

hair loss on combHair loss can start as quickly as puberty ends. This also depends based from your genetics, scalp sensitivity, to DHT. Some researchers stressed that DHT production is not the main reason. This can be mostly due to scalp sensitivity towards DHT that causes these excessive hair fallouts to happen.

People with excessive scalp sensitivity could lead to the weakening of hair follicles prematurely. These exhibits have symptoms like scalp itchiness, excessive hair fall with combing and also redness on scalp.

If left untreated, there will be effects of thinning around the crown and hairline, and gradual lighter pigment of hair.

These behaviors that worsens hair loss includes smoking, overdose of certain health supplements, intensive training and exercise, excessive pressure or stress, and taking anabolic steroids or testosterone hormone substitute.

We will explain more on the stages in our next article: “Stages of hair loss

Our hair loss approach

As TCM and eastern wellness practitioners, we believe that the primary cause is due to blood “chi” deficiency. As hair will develop better when there is sufficient blood energy in the body, these energies that support blood energy is the spleen and the liver. A healthy functioning spleen and liver allows healthy hair to grow.

In addition, kidneys also plays a role, as stated by Mary Tan in one of her ZZT Health videos, “The kidneys’ “chi” governs the essence of the body’s overall health. This includes the strengthening of hair follicles. Weakened kidney “chi” and a loss of overall health and vitality may also causes greying and hair loss.”

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