Epoch Times Had Featured ZZT Health

Based on this news article dated on 11 July 2019, Epoh Times’ 753rd Edition, they had interviewed one of our testimonial, Gui Xian, who had suffered from diabetes for the past 40 years. We had also conveniently video Gui Xian on another interview article few months ago, click here to view.

She had told us that as strong believer on “you are what you eat”, ever since when she was young, she had been very watchful on what she eats.  Now in her 80s, many people assume that she is only 60 years of age.

Unfortunately, diabetes had struck her when she was during her mid 40s. Ever since then, she had been taking medications prescribed by the doctors to control her blood sugar level.

Her quality of health and life changed, after she ZZT Merdian Therapy was introduced to her. Her blood sugar level has improved after a short period of 3 months.

She is astonished on the improvement of health ZZT Meridian Therapy provided her, and would hope to share part of her experience with everyone.

She also state that it does not only help her to feel calm and relaxed after every ZZT Meridian session, but also discovered that she had more energy in her daily life, which also allows her to improve in her overall health and well-being.

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