Improving Your Metabolic Health Effectively With These 5 Ways

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Improving metabolic health isn’t just an important health factor. Under healthhub.sg, many Singaporeans are metabolically unhealthy, which involves abnormal blood sugar, lipids, or blood pressure. Even those who appear “healthy” on the surface, can have a metabolic imbalance.

The critical role of metabolic health in immune strength and overall well-being is quite related. Therefore, start increasing your metabolism and your immune system at the same time during this pandemic.

Here are 5 evidence-based lifestyle habits to concentrate on during this period:

1. Focus on strength building over typical weight-loss strategies.

Through exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management, and other lifestyle and mindfulness are the many strategies, simply focus on small changes over time that assists you to become stronger (e.g., metabolism, immunity, muscles, bones, mind, etc.), rather than simply just wanting to lose weight.

2. Be physically active to increase metabolic health.

Obtain a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise weekly. That is equivalent to about 20 minutes daily. Feel free to choose some types of exercises you enjoy and mix it up. The important thing is to keep yourself active and build strong muscles.

3. Do not get distracted by “fad diets”.

Emphasize on the colour of food, in smaller portions, plants, fibre, high-quality protein, healthy fats (especially omega-3s), while focusing on slow carbs with a lower glycaemic index, and increase in intake of spices. Pamper your body with more healthy foods!

Whether if you are following a vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, Mediterranean, or other dietary patterns, specialise in nutrient-density and wholesome foods. There are no shortcuts or quick “fasting” methods of increasing your metabolic health or weight loss. Complement nutrition with targeted supplementation instead, to deal with key nutrient gaps and support specific health areas.

4. Stay hydrated significantly helps metabolic health.

Aim to remain hydrated with 9 to 12 cups of water per day. Coffee, tea and other beverages do count toward fluid intake, as it contains caffeine and other ingredients that contribute to decreased absorption of water into the body. Therefore, it is crucial to balance your water intake. The intensity of hydration is visible through the colour of your urine.

5. Maximize quality sleep and stress management.

Increase the quality of your rest. As a reminder, adults need a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night.

While for stress management, reducing or removing chronic stress, by all means, is very important. You can consider meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, counselling, and other stress-relieving methods.


Many people are suffering from sub-optimal metabolic health. From strengthening your system to reducing risks on chronic diseases, it is the improvement of more than one aspect, that will increase your metabolic health. That will assure the increase in your overall well-being.

Apart from conventional diet and exercise, our Metabolite Wellness Programme and ZZT Sonic Meridian Therapy have also helped improve the metabolic health and immune system of many of our clients.

Feel free to have a complimentary consultation and metabolic fat screening from us, simply by contact us through the form below.

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