Gui Xian is Astonished on ZZT Healing Ability

Gui Xian is a 81 year old active lady, who loves mingle with friends and go out to volunteer.

As she had been suffering from diabetes for the past 40 years, she experiences frequent fatigue and tiredness; especially after every meals.

Her daughter then introduced her to I-Beauty Medispa to try out on both the Acu-Meridian and ZZT Meridian services.

To her astonishment, her blood sugar level dropped from 11.4 to 9.9, which was just after 2 hours!

She was really glad that these services could help her relieved from stress and, ultimately manages her blood sugar instantly!

She said “I want to introduce my friends, all of them have diabetes like me”.

I-Beauty Medispa’s had been utilizing health meridian services to helping people with many health related conditions.


Blood Sugar Improved, After 3 months!

She had been diligently doing ZZT, once in the morning and once in the evening. The above article was 3 months ago. Thereafter, we invited her to come back, while we do another similar assessment again.


When we did the first blood sugar check with her, her blood sugar level is already lower than before she started the ZZT Meridian Therapy service.

With the similar ZZT procedure that we did, her blood sugar level dropped from 8.9 to 6.9 after 2 hours.

This concludes that ZZT Meridian Therapy service is effective in managing blood sugar conditions.

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