Xiuli is Glad to Lose a Total of 16.8kg

Our valued customer, Xiuli have gone for many kinds of slimming treatments and even acupuncture, albeit with little or no results. After going through I-Beauty Medispa’s Metabolite Wellness Programme, Xiuli experienced a huge improvement and lost a total of 16.8kg!

Toxins come in many forms. Some of it causes fats to accumulate in the body. Therefore, without eradicating these toxins, the fat will continue to be present in order to protect the body.

Xiuli had invested in many ways of slimming techniques and therapies. It was only when she went through I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Program, that she had started reducing weight.

“I had always wanted to lose 5kg. Since these sessions provide 5kg guaranteed weight loss, I have nothing to lose!”

Upon assessment through I-Beauty Medispa, we had discovered hidden toxins within her liver and gall bladder meridians. After 3 courses of treatment, she had reduced her weight from 85.8kg to 69kg. That is 16.8kg, which is beyond what we had guaranteed. Her fat composition also reduced from 43.1kg to 34.4kg.

She had told us that she is also better at managing her emotions now and live a happier life.

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