Thyroid and Bone Condition Improved, A Review From Priscilla Prado

Priscilla was diagnosed with thyroid condition since 12 years ago.

In accordance to wikipedia, thyroid is a type of gland around the neck, which is responsible in producing hormones that influence the body’s metabolic rate, protein synthesis and calcium metabolism.

Thyroid Issues Affect Her Family Planning

Ever since she had her hypo- thyroid condition, her doctor had informed her that the most effective way to prevent further complications is by removing it. But that if she removes it, it will be risky for her, if she becomes pregnant.

She chose not to do so, as she had plans to bear another child in the near future. Meanwhile, the doctors prescribe her thyroid medications to control her symptoms instead.

Gradually, her shoulders and neck became stiff and achy and was looking for solutions through the internet in remedying this issue.

She gradually found I-Beauty Medispa, as Mary Tan proposed her to take up a ZZT and Acu-Meridian trial.

Priscilla’s Day 2 – 6 Testimonial Video

After using the trial, she discovered that the stiffness and aches of her neck and shoulders were better.

According to the esoteric scripture of the yellow emperor, “big neck” syndromes(大颈泡) are the attributes of stress and diet, which affects the kidneys and hormonal glands.

As I-Beauty Medispa are able to talior make such services that are able to help her, she decided to embark on our health therapy, focusing on her kidney meridians.

Thyroid Condition Improved After 4 Months

Video: She shared her experience and her initial skepticism, on the traditional chinese health methodology.

After her “kidney ampoule therapy” sessions with I-Beauty Medispa, she discovered that her aches and pains were completely eradicated.

Her recent medical checkup also suggest that her thyroid condition had stabilized significantly. She now has the freedom to enjoys more exercises and hanging out with friends, not worrying too much on her thyroid condition.

Thank You For Your Feedback

We would sincerely like to thank Priscilla Prado for her 5 Star Google Review and a very detailed feedback on our services.

I came for my first visit today and was pleasantly surprised by the immediate sense of welcome upon walking in. My reaction was further validated by Mary Tan’s very friendly and caring demeanor. Mary is very knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about what she does. This includes her resident nutritionist, Jonathan, as well. He conducted the Microcirculation Analysis for me and answered all my questions thoroughly, as well. For non-Mandarin speakers, you’re in good hands with Jonathan’s translation skills.

Both Mary and Jonathan helped me with the ZZT Meridian Therapy, which they explained with great detail beforehand and executed with professionalism and patience. It is a very comfortable and non-invasive therapy. I felt relaxed and a wonderful warmth in my body after my session. My shoulders and upper back are not tight and tense like before. Looking forward to experiencing further benefits as I continue with this therapy!

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