Stress Remedy Through TCM Perspective

As the root cause of all modern-day diseases is stress, we will need some form of stress remedy everyday.

I believe that you have hear it everywhere that everywhere is stress! With the modern era today, we are living in our daily lives where many information comes from all directions. Therefore, we are constantly busy, not realizing that we need breaks once in a while to loosen up and relax.

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Under TCM context, excessive stress drains your chi, which is known as the energy in our body. Therefore, I will be sharing the basis behind stress and also some effective stress remedy that helps your manage stress better.

In nature, every organ system in our body possess an adequate quantity of chi to function optimally. When stress enters the body, our liver goes into an overdrive mode, to maintain the body’s balance. the other organs will compensate to assist the liver go back to balance. The other parts of our body will also invest in a big amount of chi to recover from these emotional strains. This will influence the flow of chi and blood negatively. Therefore, if you are constantly exposing your body into these regular strains and excessive stress, this imbalance can sooner or later builds up into a chronic emotional or physical disease.

Apart from the sensation of feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of stress, these feelings of stress is frequently comes with symptoms like aches, pains, exhaustion, insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches and stomach aches. Without any stress remedy, these stresses can gradually build up until the person experiences signs and symptoms, which include an abnormal heartbeat, abnormal blood pressure, numbness on or along the face or limbs, arthritis, bronchial asthma or severe migraines. Since we are always caught up in this modern age of living, we might not always be aware of these smaller symptoms that appears once in a while. Therefore, our body escalates these physical symptoms, so you will become more aware, to take good care of it before it becomes too big for even your body to handle. In fact, some of these bodily signs and symptoms in response to built up stress, may feel quite horrifying.

Regardless of how terrifying of the signs and symptoms it gives, you can thank your body on these early indications. Just make sure you know your limits and learn to rest and relax.

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Simple Stress Remedy

  1. Grounding Meditation: Imagine you are a tree. Sit down and close your eyes. Visualize that you are tree in the forest. Roots firmly on the ground, and your branches sway gently, as the warm gentle breeze blows. As you feel more and more that your toes are firmly rooted into the ground. Raise your palms out, stretch up and begin to sway. Feel the warm sunlight and breeze nourishing you more and more, as you shake your whole body out. And as you do this exercise, try to feel that the action of shaking also makes you shake off your stress.


  1. Watch Something Funny: Spend some time to watch a funny movie or examine something that makes you laugh and feel happy.


  1. Breathing Exercise: Close your eyes and breathe in deeply and slowly, with an interval count of 5 seconds. Do this 5 cycles and slowly open your eyes. If you do this properly, you will notice that you feel less stressed out.


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