Stress: It’s Effects & How To Manage


Stress is everywhere, in this modern age.

In accordance to World Health Organization, concerning one-third of the world population is suffering from stress. Over half of the people felt that stress negatively have an effect on their work productivity. In countries with stable economies and multiple opportunities, stress continues to manifest itself as a daily burden.

Methods to Reduce Stress?

Psychological & biological interventions like cupping, moxibustion, qigong, meditation and yoga had been scientifically proven to boost mental and physical health. However, the mechanics of these exercises are poorly understood. One hypothesis, is that these practices reverse the stress-induced patterns in our cells, that are interlinked to poor health and depression.

A recent study suggests that these practices slows down the activity of genes that triggers inflammation, which is our body’s natural response, when injuries and infection are present.

To justify this theory, 18 scientific studies involving 846 participants over the age of eleven years are conducted. This study concludes that individuals who are influenced by stress, that also engage in these mind-body interventions, had fewer biological signs of inflammation.

This reduces both the effects of chronic stress and the damage to both biological and psychological health.


Psychological & Biological Response


The first study of these mind-body therapies that explored the activity of genes provides demonstrates that, these therapies regulate immunity energy and promote cell longevity. Cells are extremely sensitive to its surroundings, by receiving and analyzing data. It then decides the way to respond accordingly. The mind and body acknowledge that stress as a threat or a challenge.

They respond by activating genes that share a similar pathway and have identical operation for either a flight or fight response. The adrenaline boost to the immune system was essential throughout early human history, when wounds occurred quite frequently. A short term response that stimulates the body’s ability to heal injuries and fight infections.

In today’s society, stress keeps the body stuck in an exceedingly strenuous cycle of physical, mental, and emotional pain. Disease, grief, trauma and financial crisis will trigger the immune system through the cocktail of emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, despair, guilt, shame, and loneliness. This stimulates the brain to transmit harmful molecules that travel through and fro, triggering symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Food can also contribute to or slow down inflammation. Stress that’s severe or chronic harms health, causing inflammation and mutates body cells.

Managing Stress

Mind-body practices restore balance and harmony to the body. Some biologists hypothesize that these approaches may be required occasionally. These can influence our health through consciousness, mental and spirituality therapy. These research are still ongoing.

“Millions of individuals around the world are already actively benefiting health advantages from these mind-body interventions. However, these advantages happens at a molecular level and might take some time to completely change the body.” – Ivana Buric, Coventry University, London, who has a team of researchers, operating 5 research centers in 3 different countries.

Trillions of cells within the body provide our body’s structure, absorb nutrients, convert nutrients to energy and have many specialized functions. Cells contain all the hereditary genes necessary for regulating organ functions and sending proteins to program, the future generation of cells.

Our Approach In Reducing Stress Effects

I-Beauty Medispa provides health therapies, like ZZT Meridian Therapy, BioTherapy, Lymphatic Drainage & Acu-Meridian Therapy are imparted from ancient traditional eastern emperor culture.

Based on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), the cause of all mismanagement of stress or disease, are due to the disruption of the body’s energy system. Such pathways, or meridians, must be unblocked and aligned, in order for healing to happen.

This lost ancient methodology was used and kept as a secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago.

This Esoteric Scripture was documented for five millenniums, in which many imperial physicians conducted a long collaborative, intensive study on the difference of diagnosis and treatment, between the physical lifestyle of the imperial royal families, and the commoners.

Fortunately, the chapter on meridian and health management was eventually recovered and practiced in many aspects of I-Beauty Medispa services.

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