Our Heads Are More than Just For Thinking

Our head is definitely an essential part of our body, that controls our many aspects of our health.

When we talk about our head, most of us will agree that it is used for thinking. After reading this article, you will understand that our heads are more than just for thinking! Subtle signs of headaches/migraines are actually your body sounding its alarm to alert you of certain health ailments.

Based on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, historical studies and journals left by the imperial physicians, revealed the effectiveness of maintaining and promoting health using meridian healing techniques on the head.

In the context of meridian health, there are 6 meridian organ systems that transport “chi” energies, that travels through our head and face.

One of the few main meridian organs that influences the blood and brain, is the liver meridian. This important meridian system contain many accupoints residing on some regions of our head.

These are also some of the reasons, why indications of “blocked or stagnant chi” in the liver meridian causes migraines, headaches, and even psychological imbalance.

By effectively utilizing sound therapy, such as our Award Winning ZZT Health Therapy, we are able to help many of our customers attain relief in these head discomfort.

Currently, we are promoting our new head wellness therapy, that allows you to feel a visible change within 10 sessions.

As of December 2019, our first-time trial offer, will be priced at S$9.

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