Osteoporosis: What You Must Know


According to national osteoporosis foundation, osteoporosis is a medical condition that causes bone loss and puts mostly folks, into a life full of bone fractures. Here are a couple of key points that you would like to understand, concerning to this disease. Thus, you will have a far better understanding of how to prevent and treat it, just in case you think that you or your loved ones might have this condition.

Early Osteoporosis Prevention Helps

Osteoporosis commonly affects old folks over the age of fifty.  If y0u are still young, here are some tips that you simply will want to take to prevent this condition. Obtaining moderate amount of calcium by either taking bio-available supplements or eating enough diary products, like cheese that will keep bones strong, sturdy and stop bone loss. Another straightforward method to combat osteoporosis from an early age, is to take adequate sunlight, in order for your body to absorb vitamin D. Exercise frequently can also strengthen bones.

Do Not Assume Only Old Folks Get It

Even though taking preventative measures early in life will combat the condition, osteoporosis might still typically happen to younger individuals. As WebMD states, young women are particularly exposed to more risk for developing osteoporosis if they are underweight, low in body fat, or miss their menstrual periods frequently due to excessive exercise, eating disorders, or psychological factors like stress. If an individual is suffering from osteoporosis at an early age, working closely with a doctor and nutritionist, followed by proper health management with various treatment methods will help young bones to become stronger and help them less vulnerable to fractures.

Medications Might Also Cause Osteoporosis

Certain medications that you might take can also result to bone loss. Steroids and corticosteroids that are applied topically or taken orally, frequently for 3 months or longer, might increase the risk of getting osteoporosis. If you’re taking antacids that contain aluminum, you may also be more suspectable and at risk of developing this condition. Some antibacterial drugs and antibiotics are also known to cause bone loss.

Some well-known drug culprits that consists of lithium, warfarin, and diuretics, that also attributes to bone loss,

Therefore, if there are medications that you are consuming frequently, are generally have to be monitored by your doctor and thus, have to be consume with caution.

Kidney & Bone Loss Are Inter-Related

With the emerging research by many scientific community, there several discoveries that the kidney has the ability to secrete cell signals, that regulates and reabsorb calcium throughout the body. This role of kidney indirectly influences the calcium balance within our bones.

In accordance to “Reduced kidney function is associated with BMD” scientific article by many well known researchers, this 10 year long study concludes that in particularly the elderly, kidney function has a heavy influence of our bone mineral density, osteoporosis, bone loss and mineral metabolism. Therefore, it is important that we have to maintain strong and healthy kidneys, particularly for people who are in constant stress, and the elderly.

Our Approach: Kidney Meridian Therapy

I-Beauty Medispa had been providing health therapies for the past 20 years. We utilized sound waves like ZZT Meridian Therapy. These are incorporated using the latest technology, conceptualized with ancient traditional eastern emperor culture.

Based on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), imperial physicians observed that osteoporosis and bone related illness are present when the kidney meridian is imbalanced.

This lost ancient methodology was used and kept as a secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago.

Though our observation, we had effectively employed various alternative therapy method that specifically targets the kidney meridian regions. Using ZZT Meridian Therapy, BioTherapy and Acu-Meridian Therapy, we are able to promote healthy bone and joints, preventing osteoporosis, reducing aches and pains on the neck, knees and back bones.

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