Nutrients That Improve Appearance

After reading through a nutrition article written by Cheryl Myers. I am pretty impressed with the experience that she has, as she articulates the different nutrients that are beneficial to certain functions of our body, to enable the body to attain true beauty.

I definitely agree with her that beauty has to start from within.

For her full article, you can access through this link.

Here is our key summary of what she had written in her article:

Vitamin Deficiency Affects How You Look

Cheryl Myers had always believed that lacking of some essential nutrients can reduce attractiveness.

There was once she knew a lady, who was consistently healthy in her diet. But when she was in her 40s, she developed a liver disease, which affected her ability to fully absorb and process nutrients.

Within two months, her skin became paler and her hair appears less vibrant. She looked much older after that and many who had once known her, could not believe the drastic change in her appearance.

Fortunately. after her liver transplant, her disease was reversed and her body was able to properly utilize and process like before. She starts to regain her beauty.

Thus, by having both a balanced and nutritious diet, our liver can in turn promote beauty from within.

Our Conclusions on Nutrients for Weight Loss & Beauty

With the various conventional dieting methods that we see currently, many of them utilize nutrient restrictions, drugs or even starving, in the process of attaining weight loss.

This badly compromises the nutrients that your body requires and even damages the liver in the process.

At I-Beauty Medispa, we DO NOT utilize conventional slimming methods. We optimize your basal metabolic rate with our unique meridian system management. This will allow constant fat metabolism 24 hours after our session, even when you are sleeping.

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