Marcus Chin Was Invited To I-Beauty Medispa, According To ShinMin Daily News

Marcus Chin is a well known celebrity, singer and deejay in Singapore. He was Invited To I-Beauty Medispa, According To ShinMin Daily News dated June 2015.

I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd, had earned itself an extremely branded reputation in the beauty and health industry, along with excellent services and results.


As featured in ShinMin Daily News, Singapore’s well known singer and TV personality, Marcus Chin was invited to experience our Acu-Meridian Therapy, Bio-Therapy and I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Slimming Program.

Our Award Winning I-Beauty Metabolite Wellness Slimming Program is a safe and non-invasive therapy, that stimulates  106 metabolic meridian points throughout the body. This effectively brings the body’s basal metabolic rate to a heightened state of silent aerobic activity up to 24 hours after every session.

In return, his body becomes more efficient in metabolizing fats and getting rid of excess wastes and toxins.

In short, this therapy helps your body to be “reprogrammed” to become more efficient, not only will the extra pounds and inches melt off and stay off, it will also not be easy for you to gain excess weight/fat.

Marcus Chin Waistline Reduced From 32 inches to 29 inches

His waistline had noticed significant reduction, from 32 inches to 29 inches.  While his weight had decreased by 4 kilograms.


We had transformed not only Marcus Chin body shape, but also his health and vitality, from the inside out.

I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd Has Over 40 Years Of Experience In Bringing Health And Beauty To All Walks Of Life.

We Consistently Deliver Results And Provide Total Customer Satisfaction. We Have Transformed The Lives Of Thousands By Providing Them With Many Sustainable Solutions, Particularly For Areas On Weight Management, Health & Wellness Therapy, Managing Beauty and Skin Related Problems.

We would also like to thank Fong and their crew in their contribution by developing our introduction video.

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Kwan Khin Sin
Kwan Khin Sin
06:34 20 Apr 19
I have been feeling unwell. My daughter told me about I-Beauty Medispa and ZZT services. I came in for their services. I find that my general health had improved, especially my blood sugar level. I am very satisfied. I am so glad and I want to share this experience with my friends. I hope this therapy will help them more
Priscilla Prado
Priscilla Prado
08:49 01 Mar 19
I came for my first visit today and was pleasantly surprised by the immediate sense of welcome upon walking in. My reaction was further validated by Mary Tan's very friendly and caring demeanor. Mary is very knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about what she does. This includes her resident nutritionist, Jonathan, as well. He conducted the Microcirculation Analysis for me and answered all my questions thoroughly, as well. For non-Mandarin speakers, you're in good hands with Jonathan's translation skills. Both Mary and Jonathan helped me with the ZZT Therapy, which they explained with great detail beforehand and executed with professionalism and patience. It is a very comfortable and non-invasive therapy. I felt relaxed and a wonderful warmth in my body after my session. My shoulders and upper back are not tight and tense like before. Looking forward to experiencing further benefits as I continue with this therapy!read more
Alvin Aw
Alvin Aw
08:09 21 Feb 19
Tried this for the first time. Very impressed by their service. ZZT therapy feels great, very comfortable. Keep it up!
10:57 01 Feb 19
Both the Floatation Therapy and Float meals are very relaxing and good. I enjoyed it very much. Boss is extremely nice, kind and gentle. Service is beyond expectation. Very unique health & beauty industry, a MUST TRY for new more
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan
05:20 28 Jan 19
Their floatation therapy is extremely soothing to the body. My body aches and pains are instantly relieved in just 1 session. The boss is extremely friendly and kind and also treat us a nutritious "float meal" after the session. Looks like it is the only health and beauty industry without typical hardselling techniques. My family will definitely continue to use their more
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