Eczema Had Been Resolved. Thank You

In accordance to World Allergy Organization, Eczema, which is also known as dermatitis, is a kind of autoimmune disease, that results in inflammation of the skin.

Under world health statistics, this is one of the most common skin issue in the world. Currently, there is no known cure for this condition.

Eczema are usually presented through itchiness, red skin and a rash. Sometimes, these will result in small blisters formation. The area of skin involved can vary from small to the entire body. Under such circumstances, doctors can only prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids or both to the patient, to control and manage the symptoms.


eczema resolved

Alex is a working adult who struggle frequently, with his eczema skin condition. He also struggled with sleep frequently, as his itchy skin continues to keep him awake at night. He had been taking steriod medications to control his eczema for the past 20 years. He had discovered that he will often get flare-ups at night around 3am – 5am.

ZZT Helps In Managing Eczema Flare-ups

I-Beauty Medispa had employed ZZT Acu-Remedy techniques to reduce his skin flare-ups, followed by an assessment of his diet and health meridian condition. Mary Tan states that, “What he particularly needs for a start to bring down his flare ups, is to reduce his dampness, followed by a combination of unblocking his lung and liver meridians.”

“I had been suffering from eczema for the past 20 years. I am currently taking lesser medication after 3 months of ZZT Therapy usage. Thanks to I-Beauty Medispa, I am able to better manage my flare ups and I have now less trouble managing the itchyness of my skin.”

Shortly after 3 – 6  months of ZZT meridian therapy, he is able to manage his flare ups and therefore, getting better sleep throughout the night. He was also glad that he could reduce his medication as his skin condition had improved.

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