Diabetic and Eczema Gets Better, Thanks to Acu-Meridian Therapy

Acu-meridian diabetic improvement

Richard is a businessman who keeps flying around Europe and Parts of Asia for many business ventures. Due to his current eczema condition, he had unbearable itchyness and have difficulty sleeping. Upon medical diagnosis from the doctor, he had also discovered that he had also developed diabetic condition. He also informed us that his parents are also suffering from diabetic complications.

“Just started this alternative therapy for my skin problems and I am seeing wonderful progress. Apart from Acu-Meridian Therapy, I am also using the ZZT Meridian Therapy. I am very happy with the progress of my therapy.”

Upon as short as 3 weeks of Acu-Meridian Therapy, followed with ZZT Meridian Therapy, he had consistent improvement in his diabetic condition. His eczema flare ups had also reduced drastically, especially on his face. He is extremely glad on the significant improvement in his productivity at work and now, even his colleagues are calling him a “handsome guy”.

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