Chew Xia Knee Joints Had improved, thanks to ZZT Health

A few months ago, we posted Ah Eng’s testimonial onto our ZZT Health website, about the vast improvement in her hips and knee joint pain.

Today, we have another customer, Chew Xia, with a similar problem.  She is a 73 years old housewife, who have suffered from joint pains for more than 30 years.

After watching Ah Eng’s testimonial and reading about meridian therapy on our zzthealth website,  she decided to purchase the ZZT Health Therapy machine to try it out for herself.

She had actually given up any hope of cure [short of surgery] and had resigned herself to living with the pain for the rest of her life.

After using ZZT religiously for 3 months, she was astonished to discover the many health benefits brought about by the therapy.

The first improvement she felt was her insomnia. She slept better even just after the first day she bought ZZT. A week into the therapy, her constipation improved.

Based on our observation from 3 months ago, her complexion improved significantly. She has also become much less dependent on her walking stick. Unlike 3 months ago when she  basically had to walk everywhere, even in the confines of her own home, with her walking stick.

She had initially arranged to get a knee replacement surgery done due to the extreme pain on her knee joints. But as she felt that the pain had significantly subsided, she cancelled the surgery altogether.

She added, “A person has to walk without pain to feel happy. I feel really happy now.”

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