Arthritis & Blood Pressure Resolved, Thank You ZZT

In accordance to Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis, is a very common disease that could occur in all ages, which are the causes of many disability. More than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis. It is most common among women and occurs more frequently as people get older.Arthritis & High Blood Pressure Is Resolved, Thank You ZZTMdm Hou is one of our ZZT customers who used to work as a foot masseuse, is suffering from many chronic illnesses like arthritis, high blood pressure, varicose veins. She also suffer from frequent stomach bloating.

After using our ZZT Meridian Therapy, she had gradually recovered for her many issues and had restored her health.

She had informed us that:

  • After using for 7 days – Her varicose veins on her legs, and stomach bloating have been reduced.
  • After using for 20 days – Her blood pressure had stabilized from 150/100, to 120/80. Her acne also improved and stool colour also changed from dark green to brown yellow.
  • After using for 1 month – She felt that her arthritis on her finger had gradually improved and her nails had visible became more pinkish, hard and shiny.
  • After using for 3 months – Her fingers and knee joints are comfortable and do not feel any arthritic symptoms. Her joints are all mobile and does not feel any discomfort.

Arthritis & High Blood Pressure Resolved, Living A Richer & Happier Life

She said that now, she sleep better and also live a richer life. With more mobility and lesser discomfort from her chronic illnesses, she participate in Taichi and sword dancing. Many of her friends also told her that she now looks younger and more beautiful than before.

She state that she had used a lot of other health machines, yet only ZZT Meridian Therapy machine can provide her the ultimate solution on her arthritis and high blood pressure condition. She had also introduced many other customers to us ever since.

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