Alice’s Weight Loss Transformation

Alice has always been chubby since young. But with age and a slowing metabolism, the weight kept creeping up on her. She had tried many ways to lose weight. From fad diets, starvation, exercise to even more invasive forms of fat-loss involving surgical procedures. But all these methods either yield little/no results or very short-lived results.

The extra weight that she carries around not on;y affected her confidence, but also her energy levels and health. She suffers from back and knee pains as a result. Because of the nature of her work, she came to know I-Beauty Medispa. Skeptical of slimming centres, she went for a consultation half-heartedly. But the professional and non-pushy consultation with Mary, the principal, put her at ease. And she even got to speak to the many slimming clients there who are all very happy and satisfied with their treatments. Most importantly, she learnt that the fatloss technique I-Beauty Medispa applies is unique , effective and sustainable.

One month later and 15 sessions later, she lost 7kg and 5.5% of body fat. Not only has she gone down by 1.5 dress size, her complexion and health improved tremendously.  She wants to share this testimonial with all who are struggling on their weight-loss journeys.  Metabolite Wellness Programme helps you lose weight, lose fat, regain your vitality and improve your health.

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