4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Slouching is really bad for our posture. Sometimes to many of us, we just do it unknowingly. For the people who are working on white collar jobs, it is easy to not be aware that you are slouching, until you feel back aches or you are fell onto the floor, while typing your urgent documents for boss.

Today, I am going to share with you 4 simple way, that you can be more aware, in order to correct your unhealthy posture, both in and out of your office.

Stretch Your Legs

Taking hourly breaks, are as necessary as how you sit. Although you also take toilet breaks or standing up to get the cup of coffee, standing up and doing some leg stretches will make you more aware of your posture. Simply keep in mind to straighten yourself once in a while, by doing periodic check, on the way you stand or sit, ensure that your neck and shoulders are aligned over your body.

Keep Eye Level While Texting

posture text neck
A scientific paper has links bone spurs in the young to tablet and smartphone use. (Scientific Reports/Nature Journal)

Sitting awkwardly at work isn’t the only issue that causes problems on your spine. If you spend a lot of time looking down at your smartphone, you may develop “text neck”. There is a recent article I had read in Fox News, that Dr Siegel explains why teenagers are “growing horns”, from prolonged use of mobile phones.

Therefore, rather than looking down at your phone, hold your mobile phones up at eye level every time you use it. This may feel and even appear funny or awkward, but your neck will definitely thank you for that.

Upgrade Your Seating

If you spend a lot of your time sitting down, what you sit in is as important as adopting proper sitting posture. Invest in a sit or chair that has enhancement of support that fits the shape of your spine. I am referring to everything that you are sitting on, not just on the chair of your workplace, like your sofa, seat of your care, etc . These additional support will assist you as a whole, to improve your posture. The challenge here is that you will need to invest a bit time and cash into getting all these necessities.

Posture gets better, when you go ergonomic

In addition to investment in a very high-quality table chair, the way you organize your table also counts. Ensure your table is to be of the right height. It’s spacing have to be of a comfortable distance from your body, that you find comfortable to reach the keyboard. You have to also keep everything you utilize frequently, in a reachable distance.


Perfecting your posture is not as simple as you think, however it’s achievable. These are just a few tips that I can give you, so that you are able to incorporate these into your daily life, enhancing your posture. If you find that straightening up or even walking straight can be struggle, use a wall as a guide.

While putting more effort in being more mindful and aware, you’ll straighten are align that back in no time.

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