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Results Guaranteed In 15 Sessions!

Presenting the multi award-winning weight loss solution from I-Beauty Medispa, designed to provide sustainable weight and fat loss for those with sedentary and busy lifestyles

“Increases Basal Metabolism.

Renders body in a constant state of silent aerobic activity in the 24 to 48 hours following treatment; burns fat even in your sleep.”

"Balances key body functions and healthy metabolic processes.

Perfect for individuals experiencing weight loss challenges."

“Inhibits excessive appetites.

Reduce intestinal absorptionof fats and starch and curbs cravings.”

“Targets fat loss and increases lean muscle mass.

Sustainable results. Toned and slim, no flabbiness.”

“Expect 500g to 1Kg loss each and everyday.

Progressive weight and fat loss. No stagnation.”

I-Beauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Program

Results Assured. Tried, Tested & Witnessed By Many

Our patented therapy focuses on the manual stimulation of the body’s 106 metabolic meridian points during the
60 minutes session. This works to increase the basal metabolism and blood circulation to break down excess fats, flush out excess water and toxins.

The unique kneading and massaging techniques drastically minimize fat cells size and improve mobility of fat cells
being drained through the lymphatic system. In the next 24 to 48hrs , the body is in a heightened state of silent aerobic activity, helping you burn fat even in your sleep.

It “reprogrammes” the body to process calories more efficiently, hence,
weight and fat loss tend to be highly sustainable. No fear of the ” yo-yo weight” effect.

This patented therapy does not involve conventional methods like suana, diuretics, hot blankets, body wraps and/or electrotherapy, that only bring about superficial weight/water loss. If you have:  exhausted all slimming methods/supplements and still not lost weight OR experience weight issues related to imbalances in the body’s natural processes OR simply just like that 90% of us, weight keeps creeping up on you because of age and a sedentary lifestyle, 



We Are Not Satisfied Until You Are
GUARANTEED to lose 5kg in 15 sessions/days.

Our Satisfied Customers

We Are Not Satisfied Until You Are
GUARANTEED to lose 5kg in 15 sessions/days.

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