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Metabolite Wellness Programme (Award Winning Slimming Treatment)

Our team pioneers this revolutionary weight management programme. We DO NOT go the conventional route of water loss ( ie. Sauna, hot blankets, body wraps, electrotherapy) that only brings about temporary weight loss.
Our programme works in tandem with our body metabolism to bring about SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT & FAT LOSS.
By stimulating the 106 metabolic meridian points throughout the body, it renders the body in a heightened state of silent aerobic activity up to 24hrs after every session.
Lose fat, not water!
As a result, your body becomes more efficient in metabolizing fats and getting rid of excess wastes and toxins. Since your body has been “reprogrammed” to be more efficient, not only will the extra pounds and inches melt off and stay off, it will also not be easy for you to gain excess weight/fat.
Our promise: Guaranteed 5kg weight loss within 8-15 sessions/days.
Regain your figure and your health. Look and feel your best within a matter of weeks.

Judy, 39 years old

She has been overweight since young. And her weight problem accelerated with work and family commitments. Her health suffered as a result. She has joint pains, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and feels breathless easily. Conventional slimming methods( wraps, saunas, massages, machines) do nothing for her.

Through recommendation from a friend, she took up the Metabolite wellness programme and was amazed by the results. Within 3 months, her weight dropped from 86kg to 65kg. Her body fat reduced  by 13% (42% to 29%). She looks and feels like a totally different person! More importantly, her recent medical exam showed a clean bill of health.

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