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‘For first-time floaters’

To make every IWantToFloat session 100% enjoyable, please note:
* do not shave for at least 2-4 hours prior to your float as entering salt water after shaving can sting.
* do not schedule a session at least after 10 days if you have just had your hair dyed/hennaed.
* dress casual and avoid perfumes/essential oils before your session. Since you will be required to shower before and after every session,    please skip heavy make-up and excessive hair products.
* food: its best to not be hungry or very full before your session. Somewhere in the middle is just right.
* Avoid alcohol and stimulants like caffeine, tea or smoking at least 3 hours prior to your session.
* you will need to remove your contact lenses prior to the float. Please bring your glasses/contact lens case/multi-purpose solution..
* we provide ear plugs, towels and ALL shower facilities and products. Clients are encouraged to float au naturale (ie.nude). But if you prefer to float in your swimming costume, you may bring your own.
* We accept children floaters too! For children below the ages of 11, we require parental supervision.
What To Expect:
That said, if you are a first-time floater, please come 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so that our friendly staff can give you a brief orientation of IWantToFloat, and to answer any questions that you might have.