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17 Nov 2017

FloatMeal I

1. Organic grape & pineapple sorbet

Benefits: grapes can improve the body’s elimination of excess fats and fluid and also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Pineapples are rich in Vit B which helps to improve the body’s metabolism and increases vitality. Pineapple enzymes ( Bromelain) also aid in the absorption and digestion of proteins.

healthy float meal after floatation therapy


2. Celery thick soup

Benefits: celery is extremely low in calories ( 1 large stalk contains only 10 cals!), hence its great for weight-watchers. This superfood helps to reduce inflammation, regulates the body’s alkaline balance and aids digestion. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces “bad” cholesterol.

Studies have shown that the powerful flavonoid in celery inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the breasts and pancreas.

health meal floatation meal celery