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08 Jan 2019

Chinese New Year, Metabolite Wellness Program

Revolutionary GUARANTEED Weight Loss Therapy

See Yourself Losing 5kg Within 8 – 15 Days! (8 – 15 Sessions)

As Seen On:

Factors to Attain An Optimum Fat Burning Body:

– Removal Of Toxin Within The Body To Improve Metabolic Process.

– Stimulation of Metabolic Related Meridians To Boost Burning of Fat.

We Use An Innovative Ancient Technique That Reprograms Your Body Ability To Naturally Burn Fat, fulfilling the 2 Factors that We Explained Above. After Your Session, You Burn Fat Up To 24 Hours, Even When You Are Sleeping.

How Can We Make You Lose Fat Even When You Sleep?

We harness on innovative techniques that increases your basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate is the energy processes that is produced with every cell of your body, ensuring health and vitality.

Some of us will notice the onset of weight gain after 25 years old while still maintaining the same lifestyle and dietary habits.

This is due the onset of a declining of basal metabolic rate, which is due to age and also prolonged periods of blocked meridians.

Our Weight Loss Solution: Meridian Optimization

By optimizing the main meridians responsible for weight loss, we are able to help you to Lose your desired amount of weight and Gain back your shape and confidence in as no time.

Clearing Blocked Liver Meridian

This meridian is hugely responsible for a woman’s gynecological health, mood regulation and hormonal balance. Hence, hormonal related obesity, lifestyle stress related and/or menopausal obesity can easily be solved through improving the function of this meridian, during weight loss programs.


Clearing Blocked Gall Bladder Meridian

This meridian is responsible in regulating fat metabolism and blood circulation in the body. When it is clear from obstruction, it also increases lymphatic drainage in the lower knees. This process also results in removal of excess water toxins, cellulite & fats accumulated in the legs and hands.


Clearing Blocked Bladder Meridian

The bladder meridian is responsible for removing liquid wastes and excessive toxins from our body. It is our human body sewage system. As this blockage will lead to water retention, clearing of this meridian will remove excess water retention and toxins. This in turn, remove fats surrounding the waist and lower back areas.

Elimination Blockage in The Liver, Gall Bladder and Bladder Meridians, Result in Desired Weight Loss.


This Satisfied Customer, Lose 25kg in 10 Weeks!

I-Beauty Medispa’s Metabolite Wellness Weight Loss Program, Won The LiveWell Awards in 2013 & Was Featured In It’s Magazine.

Chinese New Year “Metabolite Slimming” Promotion 2019

This Promotion Consists of:

  • 1 X Total Body Composition, Metabolic Age Calculator & Meridian Analysis. (Worth S$68)
  • 1 X Award Winning Metabolite Wellness Weight Loss Program. (Worth S$180)
  • 1 X Session of Meridian Wellness Therapy (Worth S$180)

Total Value is Worth S$420.

Register and Enjoy This Promotional Rate of S$59. (Worth S$420)

*Guaranteed No Hard-Selling Thereafter.

Limit to 25 Sign Ups Only. Valid Till 28 Feb 2019.

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190205 CNY Metabolite Wellness Program