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I-Beauty’s Metabolite Wellness Program is a revolutionary approach that focuses on long term metabolic weight loss.

This free eBook delves deep into the complexities of metabolism, revealing the secrets to a successful, sustainable weight loss.

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Discover The Secrets to Activating Your Metabolism

Metabolism Adaptation

Uncover the science behind metabolic flexibility and its importance for lasting weight loss.

Avoid Starvation Mode

Gain insights into the dangers of starvation mode and how to avoid it.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Tried-and-tested methods for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight without sacrificing your well-being.

Transformative Approach

Strategies that have transformed countless lives.

Transformative Weight Loss Coach:
Hazel Teo


Hazel Teo, the weight loss coach I-Beauty Medispa, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve confidence, health, and vitality.

With a passion for holistic wellness, Hazel combines her expertise in weight loss, metabolism, and overall well-being to empower her clients. Her belief that everyone deserves to feel their best is at the core of her work and inspired her to write this transformative eBook.


Hazel’s approach is grounded in science and personalized care, ensuring that each individual receives the support they need on their wellness journey.

As you navigate through the pages of her eBook, you’ll benefit from Hazel’s extensive knowledge, unwavering support, and genuine commitment to your health.


"I witnessed my friend's dramatic weight loss, so I tried the program myself. I lost 11kg & 6.8% body fat within just 2.5 months!"
“As both my BFF and I want to lose weight, we decided to try the free trial program after hearing many good reviews. Upon taking up the full program, I lose 12KG & 7.7% body fat within 12 weeks!"
Grace Metabolite Slimming
48 Years Old
"I had been to many slimming centers, but failed to reduce to my desired weight. After taking the full program, I am astonished to lose 7kg just within 1 month."
Alice Li
45 Years Old

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